Light bulb security camera reviews

Light bulb security cameras are revolutionizing the surveillance landscape with their covert designs and advanced features. These devices, hidden in plain sight, offer robust security solutions for homeowners and businesses alike. This comprehensive review explores light bulb security camera reviews, technical aspects, and features.

Boasting an array of compelling features, light bulb security cameras ensure round-the-clock security. Despite certain limitations, their innovative design, easy installation, high-resolution capture, integrated sound features, and smart connectivity establish them as a reliable surveillance option.


1: Can light bulb security cameras record in the dark?
Yes, many models feature night vision capabilities, enabling them to record in low-light conditions.

2: Do these cameras require a separate power source?
No, light bulb security cameras draw power from the light bulb socket, eliminating the need for additional power sources.

3: Can multiple cameras be monitored from a single device?
Yes, multiple cameras can usually be connected and monitored through a single smartphone app.

In the realm of smart security systems, light bulb security cameras are an emerging trend, camouflaging advanced surveillance technology within a seemingly ordinary device. This subtle integration provides an unobtrusive, yet effective, security solution for those looking to safeguard their premises.

Light bulb security cameras are remarkable for their innovative design. Housed within functional light bulbs, these cameras offer surveillance that is discreet and unnoticeable, providing an edge over traditional security cameras.

Features of light bulb security camera reviews

  1. Broad field of view at 110 degrees
  2. 360-degree angle complete rotation
  3. High-definition (1080P) camera lens
  4. Sensitivity to motion
  5. Automatic tracking functionality
  6. Compatibility with E26/E27 light bulb sockets
  7. Full-color night vision
  8. Support for SD cards
  9. Embedded alarm system
  10. Compatibility with the Light Bulb Security Camera app

Let’s dive deep into each category to learn more.

  • Motion Detection and Automated Tracking: The Light Bulb Security Camera isn’t easily fooled by intruders, thanks to its smart motion-detecting capabilities. It recognizes movement and automatically tracks the moving object, facilitating better identification of any potential intruders and their movement patterns.
  • Embedded Alert System: Simultaneously with motion detection, the Light Bulb Security Camera sends alerts directly to your smartphone. This allows you to access live footage of any activity in real time and trigger the embedded alarm system from your phone to deter any potential threats.
  • Wide Field of View and Full Rotation: The camera captures images within a 110-degree angle, leaving a blind area of 250 degrees at the back. However, its 360-degree panning ability allows the Light Bulb Security Camera to rotate fully, capturing images and footage with no blind spots.
  • Compatibility with E26/E27 Light Bulb Sockets: The Light Bulb Security Camera can be installed in any regular light bulb socket, thanks to its compatibility with both E26 and E27 types. This eliminates the need for any special fixture installations.
  • Full-color Night Vision: The camera continues its surveillance even at night. Equipped with 8 LEDs, including 4 IR LEDs for night vision and 4 light LEDs for bright illumination, it offers full-color night vision alongside regular illumination.
  • High-definition Camera Lens: The Light Bulb Security Camera provides high-definition images and videos, viewable directly from your smartphone. This high-quality footage aids in the clear identification of intruders, unless they are wearing masks.
  • SD Card Support: To reduce the ongoing costs associated with cloud storage, the manufacturer has included an SD card option supporting up to 64GB. It is recommended to periodically transfer data from the SD card to a more permanent storage solution as the camera will overwrite data once the storage is full.
  • Light Bulb Security Camera App Compatibility: One of the standout features of the Light Bulb Security Camera is its compatibility with its proprietary app, enabling effortless remote control. A simple tap on your smartphone allows full control of the camera without needing physical access.

Areas for improvement

  • Limited Field of View: Depending on the placement, the camera might provide limited surveillance coverage.
  • Dependence on Light Fixture: The camera’s performance may be affected by the characteristics and position of the light fixture.
  • Potential Privacy Concerns: The covert nature of these devices could lead to potential misuse, raising privacy issues.

Best light bulb security camera reviews


Light bulb security camera reviews


  1. 4MP HD Image & Starlight Color Night Vision
  2. Wireless & Easy to Install
  3. Motion Detection & Motion-Tracking Alerts
  4. Two-Way Audio & Alarm Siren
  5. Multi-user Sharing & Works with Alexa

Price: $31.79


Light bulb security camera reviews


  1. Stunning 3MP Super HD Day and Night Vision
  2. Two-Way Audio and Remote Access
  3. Smart Motion Detection and Alarm
  4. Easy Setup and Wireless Connection
  5. Life-Time Support

Price: $31.79


Light bulb security camera


  1. Easy Installation & Real Wireless Camera
  2. Crystal Clear 2K Image & Color Night Vision
  3. Motion Tracking/ Siren /App Notification / & 24×7 Recording
  4. Two-Way Audio & Multi-Device & User Share
  5. 360-Degree View & Alexa/Google Assistant Compatible

Price: $24.99



  1. Easy to set up, easy to install
  2. 1080P And Intelligent Night Vision
  3. Motion Detection + Real-Time Alerts
  4. Two-Way Audio
  5. Remote Access & Sharing

Price: $29.99



  1. Stunning 3MP Super HD Day and Night Vision
  2. Two-Way Audio and Remote Access
  3. Smart Motion Detection and Alarm
  4. Easy Setup and Wireless Connection
  5. Life-Time Support

Price: $18.99

The verdict on Light Bulb Security Cameras

As we illuminate our verdict on light bulb security cameras, it’s clear that these innovative devices are a game-changer in the world of home security. Despite their limitations, such as a potentially limited field of view, dependence on light fixtures, and possible privacy concerns, their positive attributes largely outweigh these drawbacks. Their innovative design, ease of installation, high-quality footage, integrated sound features, and smart connectivity make them a brilliant choice for anyone seeking a subtle yet effective security solution.

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