About me

Hello and welcome! I’m Marty a Certified Cyber Security Professional of 19 years. Im also Account Executive securing Fortune 500, and a father of two kids. My passion is taking what I’ve learned over the last two decades stoping hackers and attacks, and sharing that knowledge with my readers.

I grew up in the city of angels, Los Angeles area. Southern California is a melting pot of various people, business, and culture. As a young child, I remember working on Apple Power Macintosh 5200 and still own many vintage machines today.  This is where my curiosity for computers and security was born. 

Some of my fondest memories consisted of taking Apple and other machines apart to determine how to update the ram, hard drive, freeze a program, and reverse engineer what I came across. From a young age, I noticed how people would ask for my assistance with anything and everything related to computers. I knew then that computers would play be an important role in my life. 

Professional Career

After college, I pursed a career in Information Technology and Security. Over the last 19 years, I’ve held multiple job titles as Director of Engineering, Senior Security Architect, and now Account Executive securing many of the business we all use on a daily basis. Few of the companies Ive worked directly for or supported.

  • Apple

  • Dell

  • HP

    OG Software Tech Blog

    Launched in 2023, we enjoy developing cyber security awareness & sharing reviews of the products our customers & I use. I love the challenge of the ever changing security landscape, while securing and protecting our data.  

    If you have any questions or comments for me, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. I try my best to respond to emails warranting a response, but I may miss one, or it may get caught in my spam. Also, if you’re interested in safeguarding your digital life, check out my personalized newsletter.

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