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In an era where online security and privacy are paramount, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential. For Mac users, the demand for VPNs has more than doubled over the past decade, owing to increased cyber threats targeting Mac users. This comprehensive review aims to equip you with detailed information about the top free VPNs for Mac in 2023.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device and a server elsewhere on the internet. This not only helps protect your data from prying eyes but also lets you bypass content restrictions, thus providing a more open internet experience. While most of the best VPNs come at a cost, there are free VPNs available that offer satisfactory service for casual users.


1: Why do I need a VPN for my Mac?
As the number of Mac users grows, so does the interest of hackers. A VPN protects your personal information from potential threats.

2: Can a free VPN for Mac unblock streaming services?
Some free VPNs, like PrivadoVPN, can unblock certain streaming services like Netflix.

3: Are free VPNs safe?
While free VPNs may offer less security than their paid counterparts, reputable ones like PrivadoVPN and ProtonVPN have strong security measures in place.

Now, let’s delve into the top free VPNs for Mac, focusing on their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. You should also consider evaluating your password security as a best practice.

Best free vpn mac

PrivadoVPN: Top Choice for Free VPN on Mac

PrivadoVPN ranks as our top free VPN for Mac users, offering a remarkable combination of speed, security, and usability. With no speed cap, a 10 GB monthly data allowance, and the ability to unblock popular sites such as Netflix and YouTube, PrivadoVPN stands out among free VPNs. Its strong data encryption standard, a zero-logs policy, and built-in automatic kill switch further enhance your online security.


  • No speed cap for uninterrupted browsing
  • Strong data encryption similar to top paid VPNs
  • Supports torrenting (with paid data upgrades)
  • Capable of unblocking American Netflix
  • Zero-logs policy ensures privacy


  • 10GB monthly data cap may limit heavy streaming
  • Torrenting requires paid data upgrades

PrivadoVPN is widely recognized as one of the best free VPNs for Mac, and for good reason. This VPN service stands out due to its impressive features, excellent performance, and robust security protocols that ensure user privacy.

One of the highlights of PrivadoVPN is that it does not impose a speed cap on its users. This means that, unlike many other free VPNs, your internet connection won’t be slowed down due to VPN use. This attribute is essential for maintaining a seamless online experience, whether you’re streaming video content, browsing websites, or participating in video calls.

ProtonVPN: Unlimited Data with a Focus on Privacy

Another impressive free VPN for Mac is ProtonVPN, whose standout feature is the provision of unlimited data. Despite having slower servers than PrivadoVPN, ProtonVPN’s strong focus on security and privacy, coupled with its zero-logs policy, makes it a solid choice.


  • Unlimited bandwidth means no data limitations
  • Strong focus on security and privacy
  • Zero-logs policy


  • Slower server speeds compared to other VPNs
  • Doesn’t support torrenting
  • Unable to unblock Netflix

ProtonVPN operates under a zero-logs policy, which means it doesn’t track or store your online activities. This was validated when the company passed a no-logs security audit in April 2022. The VPN is compatible with several platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, Android TV, and iOS.

However, there are some limitations to the free version of ProtonVPN. It does not support torrenting, and it also cannot unblock Netflix, which is a feature generally reserved for its premium service. Despite these limitations, ProtonVPN’s unlimited data and speed, combined with its emphasis on user privacy, make it a strong choice for a free VPN for Mac users. Runner up

What sets apart is its commitment to user privacy. It adheres to a strict no-logs policy, meaning your online activities are not tracked or stored. This ensures that your data remains private and cannot be handed over to third parties.


  • 10GB monthly free plan
  • 2,000 server locations in 5 regions, including the US East, US West, Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.
  • WireGuard and OpenVPN connections


  • User interface needs improvement
  • Kill switch problematic

Quick Review Summary

Here is a summary of the best free VPN for Mac as of 2023 according to our research.

  1. PrivadoVPN: This is considered the best free VPN for Mac users. It does not have a speed cap and provides 10GB of free data per month. It has 12 free server locations including the US and is capable of unblocking Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and most top social media websites. It uses 256-bit AES encryption, supports torrenting with paid data upgrades, and has a zero-logs policy. The Mac app offers a one-click approach to getting a new IP address quickly. It also has a built-in, automatic kill switch for further browsing protection.
  2. ProtonVPN: This is the best free VPN for Mac without data limits. It offers unlimited bandwidth and no speed caps, though its servers were a bit slower compared to PrivadoVPN during tests. It has a strong focus on security and privacy. However, it does not support torrenting and users won’t be able to unblock Netflix with the free version. It has a zero-logs policy and passed a no-logs security audit in April 2022.
  3. This VPN offers surprisingly good customer service for a free Mac VPN. It has a zero-log policy and doesn’t store any data on its servers. The free version provides 10GB of data per month and access to 5 server locations. It supports torrenting and its customer support includes a 24/7 live chat feature. It uses AES-256 encryption, and has a kill switch and split tunneling feature. However, it can’t unblock Netflix or other streaming services with the free version.
  4. TunnelBear: This is the best free Mac VPN for server choice. It offers 500MB of free data per month, with an extra 1GB if you tweet about the VPN. It has a zero-logs policy and uses strong AES 256-bit encryption. It does not support torrenting or unblock Netflix with the free version. It has servers in 23 countries and offers good speed. It also has a Vigilant Mode, which is similar to a kill switch.
  5. Windscribe: This is the best free VPN for Mac for unlimited connections. It offers 10GB of data per month if you confirm your email, otherwise, you get 2GB. It has a built-in firewall and ad-blocking features. It supports torrenting and can unblock Netflix. However, it does keep some minor connection logs. The free version gives you access to servers in 10 countries.

Choosing the Best Free VPN for Your Mac

Choosing the best free VPN for Mac depends largely on your specific needs. Whether you prioritize unlimited data, speed, the ability to unblock streaming services, or robust security features, there’s a VPN out there for you. Always remember that while free VPNs can provide good service, they might not offer all the features and security measures that paid versions do. If you do determine to select a paid provider, we highly recommend Nord VPN.

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