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Purevpn extension chrome. Strengths and Weaknesses

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Split Tunneling
  • Dedicated IP
  • Torrents supported
  • Over 6,500 Servers in 78 countries
4.7/5Overall Score

Deciding on a VPN service involves a careful evaluation of one's specific needs, budget, and preferences. While PureVPN comes with an impressive array of features and commendable speed, it is not without its flaws.

On balance, PureVPN is a service with considerable potential. Its strengths make it a worthy contender in the VPN market, while its weaknesses highlight areas for improvement. As with any service, it's essential to do your research and consider your unique needs before making a decision

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  • 7 day trial
  • Priced competitively
  • Connectivity issues
  • Linux not supported

In a world where online security and privacy are paramount, VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, have become an essential tool for internet users. One such VPN service that claims to offer top-tier features at a competitive price point is PureVPN. With an extensive server network and robust security protocols, PureVPN has positioned itself as a leading contender in the VPN market. This blog post will dive into a comprehensive review of PureVPN, highlighting its key features, strengths, and areas for improvement. Let’s find out more about Purevpn extension chrome.

purevpn extension chrome

PureVPN is a VPN service that touts itself as a superfast VPN for streaming, with robust security features, all at a competitive price point. It offers an extensive server network, military-grade encryption, and several other intriguing features that make it an appealing choice for many.


1. Does PureVPN offer good speeds? 

While some users have reported inconsistent and slow speeds, others have found PureVPN to offer excellent speeds on nearly every server.

2. Is PureVPN secure? 

PureVPN uses military-grade encryption for security. However, there have been reports of DNS leaks and a past incident where it logged user data for the FBI, which may raise concerns for some users.

3. Does PureVPN support streaming services? 

PureVPN claims to unblock many streaming services, but some reviews have mentioned that it does not work well with Netflix and other streaming platforms.

4. Does PureVPN offer a trial period? 

Yes, PureVPN offers a one-week trial for 99 cents. However, after the trial you are locked into a competitive yearly subscription.


When examining a VPN service, some of the key factors to consider are connection speeds, server network, security protocols, and additional features. So, how does PureVPN fare on these fronts?

1. Speed and Server Network

PureVPN claims to offer excellent speeds on nearly all its servers, even those located at significant distances. This means that users can expect reliable and fast connections for activities such as streaming, gaming, or large data transfers. Moreover, PureVPN has an extensive server network, providing a wide range of locations for users to select.

2. Split Tunneling

An interesting feature PureVPN offers is split tunneling. This allows users to route certain apps outside of the VPN tunnel, which can be beneficial for applications or websites that need to bypass the VPN. For instance, users may want their banking website to connect directly, without going through the VPN. However, this feature is currently only available on the Windows VPN and Android VPN apps.

3. Dedicated IP

For those who require a consistent IP address for specific use cases, PureVPN offers a static IP as an additional (paid) add-on. This can be useful for accessing online resources, configuring servers, or avoiding captcha authentication challenges.

4. Customer Support

A VPN service’s customer support is often an overlooked aspect until you encounter an issue. PureVPN provides 24/7 live chat support, which was found to be responsive and helpful during testing. This suggests that customer service is a strong point for PureVPN.

Areas of Concern

While PureVPN shines in some areas, it also has a few shortcomings worth mentioning. These include:

1. Inconsistent Speeds and Connectivity

Some users have reported inconsistent and slow speeds on certain servers. There have also been instances of connection problems. These issues can hamper the user experience, particularly for those seeking a smooth, uninterrupted internet connection.

2. Pricing

While PureVPN offers a one-week trial for only 99 cents, users should note that this trial transitions into a relatively expensive yearly subscription after the trial period ends. This pricing structure may not appeal to users looking for a long-term, cost-effective VPN solution.

Security Concerns

There have been reports of DNS leaks, which means that some user data may not be entirely secure. This can be a serious concern for users prioritizing online privacy. Furthermore, PureVPN’s history of logging user data for the FBI raises questions about its commitment to user privacy.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons

With its robust feature set and extensive server network, PureVPN presents a compelling package. Its high-speed connections and useful features like split tunneling and a

dedicated IP make it an attractive choice for many users. Furthermore, the availability of a responsive 24/7 live chat support system is a significant advantage.

However, potential users should take into account the reported inconsistencies in speed and connectivity, the somewhat high pricing after the trial period, and the lingering security concerns. These drawbacks can make the service less appealing to some users, particularly those who prioritize consistent performance and top-notch security.

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Striking the Balance

In conclusion, PureVPN offers a well-rounded VPN service that is likely to meet the needs of many users. Its impressive speed and feature set are its major selling points, and the responsive customer support is an added bonus. However, it does have a few weaknesses that potential users need to be aware of.

To sum it up, PureVPN is a viable option in the crowded VPN market, particularly for users who need high-speed connections and can tolerate some inconsistency in performance. However, those with high security demands or those looking for the most cost-effective long-term solution might want to consider other options.


1-month plan$10.95 / month
1-year plan$3.74 / month
2-year + 3 months free plan$2.29 / month

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