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AVG Secure Browser Review

  • Enhanced Firewall with Network Scanner
  • Sensitive Data Shield
  • Ransomware Shield
  • Webcam Protection
  • AI Threat Detection
5/5Overall Score

AVG Internet Security is a comprehensive cybersecurity suite designed to safeguard your online activities. Its strength lies in its extensive features and advanced technology. One notable aspect is the AVG Secure Browser, an integral part of AVG Internet Security that provides a safer, faster, and more private browsing experience. It comes with enhanced security features such as bank mode, anti-phishing technology, and forced HTTPS encryption.

One of AVG Internet Security's distinguishing features is the use of advanced AI to proactively identify malware threats in real-time, offering an effective defense against both known and unknown threats. Its enhanced firewall incorporates a network scanner that vigilantly monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and identifies new devices joining your network.

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  • Real time antivirus detection
  • Webcam protection
  • System Impact
  • Lack of VPN

As our digital footprint grows, the importance of maintaining robust online security cannot be overemphasized. This brings us to AVG Internet Security, a product designed to protect your online activities from all kinds of cyber threats. Combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive features, AVG Internet Security stands as a pillar of cyber defense. While no product is perfect, and AVG does have a few shortfalls, the overall impression it leaves is positive. This review dives deep into the features, strengths, and limitations of AVG Internet Security, with a special focus on the AVG Secure Browser.

The Internet has come to dominate every facet of modern life, becoming a vast, interconnected hub of information and activity. With this expansion has come a proliferation of cyber threats that range from the mundane to the sophisticated. It’s in this climate that AVG Internet Security has emerged as a trusted sentinel, offering much-needed protection against these threats.

AVG Secure Browser


1: Does AVG Internet Security come with the AVG Secure Browser?
Yes, AVG Secure Browser comes included with AVG Internet Security.

1: How does AVG Internet Security impact system performance?
While AVG Internet Security does have some impact on system performance, especially during full scans, it generally runs smoothly and doesn’t significantly slow down your computer.

3: Is there a VPN included in AVG Internet Security?
No, AVG Internet Security does not currently include a VPN. However, AVG offers a separate VPN service called AVG Secure VPN.

4: Can AVG Internet Security protect against ransomware attacks?
Yes, AVG Internet Security provides robust protection against ransomware attacks.

5: How user-friendly is AVG Internet Security’s user interface?
While AVG’s user interface is generally clean and organized, some users might find it slightly less intuitive than other antivirus interfaces.

AVG Secure Browser: A Stronghold Against Cyber Threats

One notable feature of AVG Internet Security is the AVG Secure Browser. The AVG Secure Browser is designed to provide a safer, faster, and more private browsing experience. It operates under the mantra that the internet should be a worry-free place, and it does a commendable job living up to this ideal.

This browser incorporates an array of advanced security and privacy features, including bank mode for safe online transactions, anti-phishing technology, and forced HTTPS encryption. One of the key features is the browser’s built-in ad blocker, which not only speeds up web browsing but also eliminates distracting and potentially harmful ads.

An essential aspect that we need to consider is how AVG Secure Browser interacts with AVG Internet Security. The browser is not just a standalone product but also works in synergy with the internet security suite, enhancing the overall protection. Therefore, “AVG Secure Browser virus” is somewhat of a misnomer because it creates a safer browsing environment rather than posing a risk.


1. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AVG’s cybersecurity suite employs advanced AI to proactively identify malware threats. Unlike traditional antivirus software, which often relies on a pre-existing database of known threats, AVG’s AI detection learns from collected data and is capable of detecting both known and unknown threats in real-time.

2. Enhanced Firewall with Network Scanner

The enhanced firewall is not just about blocking unauthorized access; it also monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic. Plus, it features a network scanner that automatically identifies devices joining your network, adding an extra layer of protection against potential intruders.

3. Behaviour Shield

This innovative feature of AVG Internet Security is designed to catch threats that traditional antivirus defenses might miss. By monitoring the behavior of software and applications in real-time, it can detect and block any suspicious activity that could indicate malicious intent.

4. Secure DNS Protection

The Secure DNS feature guards against DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking, which is becoming a common technique used by cybercriminals. By ensuring you don’t land on counterfeit websites, it adds another layer of protection to your online shopping and banking.

5. Ransomware Shield

Unlike many competitors, AVG offers dedicated ransomware protection. This feature not only prevents your files from being encrypted by ransomware attacks but also guards against destructive attacks that aim to delete or damage your files.

6. Sensitive Data Shield

AVG Internet Security goes above and beyond by offering a Sensitive Data Shield feature. This tool automatically identifies files that may contain personal data and adds an extra layer of protection to them, ensuring they are inaccessible to snooping malware or in case of theft.

7. Webcam Protection

In an era where illicit webcam access is a growing concern, AVG’s Webcam Protection ensures that no application can access your webcam without your explicit permission. This tool provides a crucial line of defense for your privacy.

Each of these advanced technical features contributes to AVG Internet Security’s robust protective suite, solidifying its standing as a strong contender in the cybersecurity market. The integration of AI, network scanning, behavior-based detection, DNS protection, ransomware defense, and more, all encapsulated in a user-friendly package, truly differentiates AVG Internet Security from other players in the field.

Room for Improvement

While AVG Internet Security is packed with a slew of impressive features, there are a few areas where the software could improve:

1. System Impact

AVG Internet Security can sometimes slow down your system slightly, especially during full scans.

2. Lack of VPN

In the current version of AVG Internet Security, a VPN is not included. This tool is critical for maintaining online anonymity and accessing geo-blocked content.

3. User Interface

While it’s clean and well-organized, AVG’s user interface could be a little more intuitive, especially for less tech-savvy users.

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AVG Internet Security – up to 10 devices$3.33 / month
AVG Ultimate – up to 10 devices$4.33 / month

A Reliable Ally in Cyberspace

In conclusion, AVG Internet Security is a comprehensive solution that effectively addresses a variety of cyber threats. With a firm emphasis on creating a safe online environment, AVG’s commitment to cybersecurity is evident in its AVG Secure Browser, a key component that demonstrates AVG’s dedication to user security and privacy.

While there are areas that could use some improvement, notably the system impact during scans, lack of an integrated VPN, and user interface, AVG still stands strong in the realm of cybersecurity. Its suite of powerful tools and features makes AVG Internet Security a valuable ally in the ever-evolving landscape of online threats. AVG Internet Security isn’t just about protecting your computer; it’s about making the internet a safer place.

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