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Atlas vpn review

  • Robust Security
  • Fast Speeds
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Wide Server Network
  • Affordable Pricing
4.7/5Overall Score

Atlas VPN, launched in 2019, has quickly risen to prominence with its robust features and competitive pricing. It offers a free version with decent speeds, along with an affordable premium plan. The VPN provider does not keep logs of personally identifiable user data and provides a strong security protocol. However, some technical issues and the unavailability of the service for routers are some points to note. All in all, Atlas VPN is a promising newcomer in the VPN market that's worth considering.

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  • Live customer support
  • Free trial available
  • Limited P2P support
  • Limited advanced features

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Atlas VPN emerges as a reliable partner, championing data privacy and security. With its high-performing technology and seamless user experience, it’s certainly worth considering for any internet user. We will explore its atlas vpn key features, delve into its pros and cons, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Atlas VPN, a relative newcomer in the VPN market, has quickly risen through the ranks due to its strong encryption, speedy connections, and an appealingly user-friendly interface. While it does possess a few drawbacks, this VPN service has overall proven to be an effective, affordable, and transparent digital safeguard.

Atlas vpn


1: Is Atlas VPN good for streaming?
Yes, its high speeds and ability to bypass geo-restrictions make it an excellent choice for streaming.

2: Does Atlas VPN offer a free version?
Yes, Atlas VPN provides a limited free version for users to test their services.

3: Can Atlas VPN be used on multiple devices?
Yes, one Atlas VPN subscription can be used simultaneously on an unlimited number of devices.

4: How is the customer service of Atlas VPN?
Atlas VPN offers 24/7 customer support, which includes a live chat feature for immediate assistance.

In the world of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Atlas VPN is making a name for itself. Launched recently, it is the brainchild of Peakstar Technologies Inc., a company well-versed in cybersecurity. This VPN service offers comprehensive protection against prying eyes, keeping users’ digital lives secure and private. In 2021, Nord Security, the parent company of popular VPN service NordVPN, acquired Atlas VPN moving forward.

Free Version

Atlas VPN provides a free, no-sign-up-required plan that serves as a convenient method to sample their service, albeit with certain considerable constraints.

With this plan, you’re restricted to just three locations: Amsterdam, New York, and Los Angeles. Additionally, the data allotment has been cut from 10GB to 5GB per month. Notably, the free plan lacks email or live chat support and doesn’t include access to streaming-optimized servers or advanced features such as tracker blocking and data breach monitoring.

Despite these limitations, Atlas VPN’s free offering outshines several of its competitors’ complimentary services. For example, Avira’s Phantom VPN Free only provides 500MB per month. While Avast One’s VPN offers a relatively generous 5GB per week, it doesn’t allow for location changes.

Atlas VPN’s Android application has enjoyed a longer lifespan compared to its desktop version, resulting in a smoother user experience. The mobile app boasts a neater interface, successfully avoiding any sense of overcomplexity or oversimplicity.


  1. Robust Security: When it comes to security, Atlas VPN impresses with its solid AES-256 encryption. It’s akin to having a bulletproof shield that guards your data against cyber threats. This feature, coupled with a secure Internet Key Exchange v2 (IKEv2) protocol, is a testament to Atlas VPN’s commitment to security.
  2. Fast Speeds: One of the best aspects of Atlas VPN is its speed. During our tests, we found minimal speed loss when connected to nearby servers, making it an excellent choice for streaming HD content or engaging in online gaming. The speed does drop when connected to distant servers, but that’s expected and common among VPNs.
  3. Easy-to-Use Interface: Atlas VPN’s simple and intuitive interface appeals to both tech-savvy users and beginners. It takes just one click to secure your connection, making the application straightforward to use. It is simple, clean, and user-friendly, making navigation a breeze. Even for those who are using a VPN for the first time, the learning curve is minimal.
  4. Wide Server Network: Atlas VPN offers a wide range of servers distributed across the globe. This network allows users to bypass geo-restrictions, granting access to content irrespective of their geographical location. This wide range allows users to bypass geo-restrictions and access content from around the world. This feature was highly effective during my testing.
  5. Affordable Pricing: Unlike many other VPNs, Atlas VPN provides top-notch service at an affordable price, making digital security accessible to many. Its budget-friendly subscription plans make it a compelling choice for those seeking a cost-effective VPN solution.

Areas of improvement

Below are some enhancements we hope to see from Atlas VPN in forthcoming updates:

  1. Integration of Tor over VPN for quick and straightforward access to the Tor network.
  2. Implementation of diskless VPN servers to ensure that user data cannot be retrieved from a VPN server.
  3. Addition of split tunneling to enable encryption of sensitive internet traffic while retaining compatibility with local streaming sites and online banking platforms. As of now, this feature is only supported on the Android application.

Today Atlas VPN maintains a ‘strong no-logs policy’, declaring that it ‘doesn’t store any user activities, DNS queries, or any other data that could potentially be tied to our users. However, according to the privacy policy, some device information is collected by Atlas VPN’s applications. This data encompasses device type, model, brand name (for example, Samsung, Apple), OS version, device ID, language, time zone, and approximate location (at the city level).

It also acknowledges the use of attribution analytics to track the source of installation and source of traffic, and advertising IDs to gauge the efficacy of our campaigns.

When piecing all of this information together, there’s no indication that Atlas VPN keeps records of your online actions. However, it does collect enough information to create user profiles, which include details about user devices, connection times, and data usage. Furthermore, as Atlas VPN’s no-logging assertions have not undergone independent auditing, there’s no objective verification to confirm whether the company delivers on its promises.

In conclusion, Atlas VPN is a powerful tool for digital protection. Its robust security, swift speeds, user-friendly interface, wide server network, and affordable pricing all make it a compelling choice. While Atlas VPN might not possess the superior network, applications, or customer service site, its affordable rates, impressive speeds, and laudable geo-restriction circumvention capabilities already place it ahead of numerous competitors.

Atlas VPN stands as a trustworthy and reliable VPN solution that successfully balances performance and cost.

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Atlas VPN is one of the cheapest VPNs on the market today. This becomes particularly noteworthy considering the service provides limitless concurrent connections.

1-month plan$11.99/month
1-year plan$3.29/month
2-year plan$1.82/month

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